About us


Brooklyn Bridge Flow (bbflow) is a social-impact organization and mobile wellness studio located in Brooklyn, New York. It is the creation of Regina Roch and Najma Dawood. Regina and Najma met in Yoga School at Sacred Brooklyn Studio and realized that they were SOUL SISTAS! Their individual healing journeys came to a culmination during Yoga Teacher Training, where Brooklyn Bridge Flow was birthed. During their training, they discovered a shared desire to live a purpose-driven life and now, their mission is to help others do the same by finding inner peace through mindful living and wellness.


Brooklyn Bridge Flow is a mobile wellness studio located in Brooklyn. We are currently offering a summer series of breath-work, intention, and peace with our Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop Yoga Classes. Join us for a gentle flow, a curated playlist, and stunning views overlooking the famous New York Cityscape and the Brooklyn Bridge. Be warned: the views will take your breath away! But don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips for getting it back.

Classes will take place on the 5th floor of the Empire Stores Building at 55 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (across from the Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park).

a limited number of Mats are available for rental.

Photo shoots are encouraged. Instructors will stick around for up to 15 minutes after the shoot to assist with taking photos. Use the hashtags #bbflow / #brooklynbridgeflow.


meet your yoginis


Najma says…

Be more concerned with how it feels than how it looks.

Najma Dawood

Hello, my name is Najma and I’m a Yoga-holic! Growing up, all I ever wanted was to be myself, and Yoga has allowed me to do just that; albeit decades later. I struggled with anxiety for much of my life, and a lot of it can be attributed to feeling pressure to perform and conform. Yoga helped me to shed the expectations of others, including myself (hello perfectionism!), and prioritize living authentically.

Before developing a deeper Yoga practice, I spent several years working in corporate where I felt unseen, unheard, undervalued, and underutilized. I decided to go back to school for my Masters in Digital Media at NYU in 2016. The program allowed me to reconnect with my innate creativity and intellect; I began to explore the topic of the self and identity through the lens of emerging technology. After graduating, I realized that getting another job was not for me, and was led on a winding road to Yoga Teacher Training at Sacred Brooklyn in Bed-Stuy.

YTT allowed me to dive deep into the core of my being and emerge with a renewed sense of self and a sense of knowing that I was never able to access before. It gave me the tools to find my peace in any situation and the courage to keep going regardless of what others think.

In my class, students will have the opportunity to reconnect with their spirit through a slow progression of gentle postures, a few well-placed challenges—all leading up to a sweet surrender in Savasana. I love to give my students time and space to really feel the transitions between asanas and achieve proper alignment. You can always count on me to have a vibe-y playlist and foster a fun, non-judgmental environment. I can’t wait to lead and be led by you!

~ Najma

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Regina Says…

Be led by your spirit, it’s always right.

Regina Roch

Yoga has been an essential part of my life for over eight years. The breathing and meditation techniques became even more crucial after I was involved in a near death experience, forcing me to embrace my new body with metal parts. As part of my healing journey, I decided to ramp up my yoga practice by becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor and received my 200-RYT through Sacred Brooklyn Studio [ #INTUITION! ] in Brooklyn, NY.

 I always had an entrepreneurial spirit but was fearful of the other side of a corporate paycheck. Connecting to my spirit allowed me to push through that fear, leading me to resign from my role at a Fortune 50 organization [ sanity > money+perks ], to pursue a purposeful and meaningful LIFE. Now, I am dedicated to catering to the needs of my community as well as my well-being!

As your yogini, you will experience a unique Vinyasa flow, guided meditation, and unlimited vibes. My goal is to get you closer to your purpose by helping you embrace your true and authentic self. This journey has now led me to you..