Our Mission



Our true purpose as practitioners is to make living WELL more accessible to underserved communities --especially communities of color. We are interested in those who cannot afford to partake in self-care, or do not believe it is for them. We are here to change that narrative by offering a mixture of free, paid, and donation-based wellness events throughout the city, while partnering with local organizations who share similar goals.

Our paid offerings are a mixture of large scale, private, and corporate events. With our free and donation based events, we serve communities living in survival mode, pay-check to pay-check and who don't have time or money to allocate toward the betterment of their health and wellness. We believe that self-care should not be a luxury only accessible to the elite. Self-care is necessary for individual mental, spiritual, and physical health, and fuels a thriving society.

On the flip side, there are many people who grew up impoverished, and were able to gain financial success --but still live in an impoverished mindset and don’t know how to care for themselves. They are also our community. We aim to help people learn how to care and nurture themselves, thereby caring for and nurturing their community.

Neither of us come from money nor are receiving financial support-- which is why we realize so clearly who it is we want to serve. We want to serve people like our mothers, who worked so hard to provide while asking for nothing in return. Who never were able to prioritize healing, and so it was left to us to do it for them. We want to prioritize men who have deep wounds that society does not allow them to bare publicly. And we want to prioritize children who need to see themselves reflected in society, so they can know that there is a place for them too. We want to prioritize women and girls who are expected to flourish at the same rate as their peers, even when dealing with neglect, abuse, and abandonment. We see you.